Perfection Is The Enemy!

“My journey with Justin began at my highest non-pregnancy weight. After months of making excuses and prioritizing everything over my health, I decided it was time to making a change and have some accountability.

I have tried pretty much every diet known to man and been successful on most of them for the first few weeks or months and then I would fall back into old patterns and habits. It became more difficult to lose weight on these diets after I had my second child. That plus age = no bueno.

Justin’s program is rooted in educating you on the why behind his method versus just telling you to eat a certain number of calories each day. I learned something new on our phone calls and he made sure to ask questions and dig deeper if something seemed off with my results.

Justin never stops learning for his clients, which means he never stops imparting knowledge. Over the course of the seven months that I worked with Justin, I lost 20 lbs the right way – by making smart choices about what I put into my body.

I am grateful for the accountability that Justin offered on our calls, the constant encouragement, even if I was down on myself and even the tough love every once in a while. My journey will never stop, but now I have a foundation of knowledge and information to get me back on the path if I ever veer off.”