My Why

My biggest fear in life is regret. Seeing regret in a man’s eyes is one of the scariest things I have ever seen. Just the thought that we only have one life, one opportunity to reach our full potential in life scares me to death.

What if I fail?

What if I don’t accomplish everything that I have set my mind to do?

Questions like these, as well as many many more have filled my head the last few months. In fact, the last few months have been some of the most challenging of my life. I have had to face some of my biggest fears. I have laid in bed on multiple nights restless. I have wondered, what if? I have doubted and hoped. This thought of only one life to make the most of it, to help people, to create a positive impact in this world both scares me and excites me.

I know that helping people is what truly fuels my life. My clients success is my oxygen.

Helping people live their best life through nutrition and lifestyle coaching has become a true passion for me. It is something that I have done now for almost ten years and plan to do for the rest of my life. I truly believe that this is my calling in life and I truly believe that nutrition and lifestyle coaching is life changing.

After months of consideration, I have decided to go all in on myself and my dreams. I’m not getting any younger, my wife and I both want kids in about 3 years, and if I don’t take the leap and go all in now then I might not ever. That is one regret that I am not willing to live with. I have big dreams. I want to reach more people around the world. I want to create content that truly helps people. I believe that it is my time to truly pay it forward. The last 10 years have allowed me to study, learn, and teach thousands of individuals how to live their best life through nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle coaching.

With that said… I am so excited to announce that I have started my own online based nutrition & lifestyle coaching company! I am so excited for this platform. It’s going to bring so much value to people’s life. THANK YOU for following my journey, believing in me, and trusting me with your health. I am truly grateful and I hope together we can teach the world what it truly means to live your best life!

Live your best life,

Justin Murphy