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Stephany Osorto, RD, LD

Hi there. My name is Stephany Osorto, Registered Dietitian. I’m from Tegucigalpa, Honduras (right in the middle of Central America), but I call Texas my home. I moved to Texas in August of 2011 with low self-esteem and was roughly 30 pounds overweight. Although I had declared nutrition/dietetics as my career choice, I knew nothing about it. I did what most people probably do to lose weight – I asked Google. I typed, “how do I lose weight?” into the search engine and clicked on the first result.

The website I went to indicated to eat a 1200 calorie/day, low fat diet. I did exactly that. Guess what? It worked. At 5’9’” my weight dropped to 145 pounds.I thought I looked great. However, my body was telling me otherwise. My hair was falling out and became extremely thin. My skin was pale. I had no energy to hang out with my friends. Oh and the worse part: anytime I ate junk food I would binge, become bloated, and have horrible gastrointestinal distress. It was a vicious cycle of losing weight in five days and gaining it back the next two days, all while feeling emotionally and physically miserable.

Once I left home for college at Stephen F. Austin State University, I simply left my dieting patterns and ate what was served on campus in the cafeteria everyday. Through drinking four days out of the week and mindless eating, I was up to 180 pounds by my sophomore year. It wasn’t until I found CrossFit in 2014 that I had a healthy relationship with food. Why? I focused on fueling my body versus having a shredded six-pack. Since then, my education in nutrition has allowed me to learn about the gut microbiome, medical nutrition therapy, and utilizing food as medicine. Although I chose nutrition as my degree for selfish reasons, it led me to my purpose in life: to help people find their nutrition prescription through functional nutrition.

Justin introduced himself to me with the same vision and purpose, which is why I have decided to join Justin Murphy Nutrition and help expand the impact he has already started. You shouldn’t have to fit our style of nutrition coaching. Instead, we will mold our coaching into what best fits your individual needs and lifestyle. Let’s get started!



  • Sports Nutrition
  • Medical Nutrition Therapy
  • Diabetes Management


Stephany Osorto
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