Nutrition Coach

Lizzie Furlong

Hey! My name is Lizzie Furlong. I’m a Coach with a passion for fitness, food and helping people figure out what works best for them.

In my “previous life” I worked in restaurants. My favorite part of the job was figuring out recommendations for people looking to eat a little healthier. Instead of letting them think it was an obstacle to eat out, I saw it as a logic puzzle. It was something to figure out, something to learn and a way to show someone the power they have to remove whatever obstacles are in their way. This led me to go back to school to study nutrition and jump into the fitness field full time.

I was born and raised in Texas, with parents from Argentina. Needless to say I love and can eat all types of food! Pastas, empanadas, fried chicken and anything Tex-Mex. It was this love for food that drove me to learn more about it. Let’s be real, there’s only so much food you can eat before it’s starts catching up to you so I wanted to learn the best way for me to fuel my body with flavor.

In 2018 I hired Justin Murphy Nutrition (now iCoach Nutrition Coaching) and began working with a coach to support me in my wellness goals. With aesthetics as my goal, Stephany was able to guide me through leaning out, getting my body to where I wanted, all while eating more and never feeling like I’m missing out on any food. As a coach, I am proof that anyone can take advantage of a coach, no matter how much knowledge you have.



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