Taking Ownership Of His Nutrition & Health After Two Hip Replacements with Doug Simmang, iCoach Nutrition Coaching Clien‪t



In this weeks episode, I sit down with a long time client and friend to discuss our journey of working together over the last couple years.⁣ ⁣⁣

2:30 – Why did you reach out to me for help?⁣⁣
5:30 – Where are you at now after working together for 18 months?⁣⁣
11:30 – Building awareness⁣⁣
13:00 – “Big rocks”⁣⁣
17:00 – What are the biggest changes that you have seen in your mindset?⁣⁣
20:00 – Managing & addressing stress⁣⁣
22:30 – What did you think this process was going to entail?⁣⁣
25:00 – Chasing perfection leads to self sabotage ⁣⁣
29:00 – Did you think you were going to work with me for 18+ months?⁣⁣
35:00 – What advice would you give to someone who is thinking about investing in a nutrition & lifestyle coach?⁣⁣
38:00 – What’s your favorite food?

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